Au grand Clos
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Welcome to our vineyard


The vineyard of Bursinel, which measures approximately 25 hectares, is located in an idyllic country setting by the lake, with a beautiful view of the Alps. It benefits from a superb sun exposure and an excellent microclimate. 


Bursinel is a nice, small and particularly well-situated village. Our vineyard is spread over 5 hectares of land beneath the old part of the village and borders with the vineyard of the castle of Bursinel. Located on the shores of the Léman Lake our wine reaches its maturity in the autumn sun.


We have been working our vineyard for over 5 generations.


The diversity of the vines’ composition allowed us to enter the gastronomic world, thus offering quality wines to our clients.


All our products are manufactured and bottled in our wine cellar and are sold to private clients only.


The harvest is made by hand ensuring a thorough selection of the grapes, which ultimately contributes to the high quality of our wines. Come and visit us when the grapes are freshly pressed, a glass of must is simply delicious!